Memorandum of Cooperation signed between AGTA and Qafqaz University


On April 17, 2014, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Azerbaijan Youth Translators Association and Qafqaz University in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The signing ceremony took place in Qafqaz University. Mr Jabrailov, the AGTA chairman, thanked the university management for the preparations for the meeting and expressed his hope for fruitful co-operation in the future.

For his part, Mr Saniç, the president of Qafqaz University, thanked AGTA for initiative to launch co-operation and described translation as a “never-ending process with a sea of opportunities to be explored.”

He highlighted the issues that need urgent response, including lack of professionals on the market, underdeveloped teaching methodology.

The University, which has been active in Azerbaijan for over 21 years, plans to add Russian as a new language in their translation/interpretation curriculum. “We are moving ahead (with translation) on a step by step basis, since this kind of advancement produces important results. AGTA has an international network that could be conducive to promoting education in the field of translation,” said Mr Saniç.

According to him, expansion of employment opportunities for students, improvement of their respective skills by means of internship, summer schools, coaching and mentoring will definitely contribute to the issues in question. “The memorandum we are signing today is seen as a response to the ongoing needs, and will help our students to be as close to the field as possible. Work experience is what really changes people, and this is what we should arrange for our students.”

Mr Jabrailov: “AGTA appreciates what Qafqaz University has done is continues doing for the sake of their students and the profession in general. It is an exciting experience to see how well the university management are aware of the challenges to translation/interpretation in Azerbaijan. AGTA could assist today’s students to get access to the market, thereby developing themselves into professionals in demand tomorrow.”

The parties agreed on launching regular meetings with students to discuss translation/interpretation to its nicety.

“We both are not-for-profit organizations, so there is matching room for us to think and operate in co-operation with each other.”

The synergy will be ensured by Qafqaz University deploying its infrastructure, including a vital lab, and AGTA putting its professional expertise.

Mr Jabrailov: “In today’s Azerbaijan translation is a lucrative business, and our goal is to help younger generation to get into it. If you show a talent and discover yourself as a translator/interpreter, you will be deeply engaged in this field. It is like a hobby for life.”

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