Palestine Ambassador meets with youth translators to speak about the brief history of Palestinian question


On June 1, 2013, the members of the Azerbaijan Youth Translators Association (AGTA) met with Naseer A. Karim, the Palestinian Ambassador to Azerbaijan. The meeting, organized by AGTA Intercultural Initiatives Club and attended by over 40 members, started with a presentation from the  ambassador on Brief History of Palestinian Question. The ambassador spoke about hard times that Palestine went through in the 20th century Palestine, the launch, progress and current status of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Furthermore, he talked about Palestinian history and culture, foreign relations of Palestine with countries such as Turkey and Azerbaijan and  answered questions of the attendees.

Talking about the relations between Azerbaijan and Palestine, the ambassador noted that Azerbaijan’s support for Palestine is everlasting and he drew the attention to the fact that the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Baku was opened at the initiative of the Government of Azerbaijan. In his response to the question concerning possible impact of Israel-Azerbaijan relations on Palestine-Azerbaijan relations, the ambassador accentuated that the relations between Israel and Azerbaijan are of pragmatic nature, covering the cooperation on the field of economy and other fields. “Therefore, it doesn’t have any impact on the Palestine and Azerbaijan relations”, the ambassador said.  

What made the event more interesting was its being conducted in Arabic and English. Since the majority of the participants were comprised of Arabic and English speaking student translators, by means of whisper translation everything was made clear for the members of both groups. 

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